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The landscape of digital marketing has become increasingly complex, with updates and algorithm tweaks offering fresh approaches to refining your message and targeting your audience. Read on for some of the important announcements from last month that you may have missed.

1. Master the Meta Description

As reported in the June Google Blog, webmasters would do well to give their meta descriptions a good onceover this summer. Long gone are the days when a website blurb could simply stuff keywords and call it a day; today’s meta descriptions are yet another opportunity to refine your “pitch” and capture customers. The Google Blog notes that these short, dense “snippets” have been frequently ignored by digital marketers, leaving empty space that has been previously filled by content from The Open Directory Project, which is now closed. Without a backup treasure trove of content to populate this field, webmasters should consider creating their own engaging, unique meta descriptions. Quality snippets that avoid spammy repetition or irrelevant content will help boost rankings, and lead to more customer engagement.

2. Facebook Boosts Local Search Tools

Social media is making headway in the world of search, and Facebook is leading the way with some fresh updates that will connect users with more targeted search responses, plus crowd sourced insight into local businesses. A recent article in Search Engine Land notes that Facebook has beefed up its search results, indexing, and location tools, and is beginning to roll out new beta tools, including crowdsourced entries on local businesses. Small businesses can take advantage by shoring up their Facebook pages to ensure accurate information, including a complete physical address. Blanks left by businesses open the door to crowdsourcing, which may generate inaccurate or biased information from users. Provide clear, through information, and list multiple categories for your business to boost your ranking in Facebook search, and be sure that your address is accurate so that users can see your business when they use Facebook’s new, improved location tools.

3. Google Posts Go Live

Google announced in late June that their Google Posts tool is now available for small businesses. This is a simple and effective way for digital marketers to get relevant information in front of their target audience, from CTAs for a special offer or reservation, to a quick showcase of new products or services. Google Posts allow for customers to engage with one click to your featured content, and small businesses should consider diversifying this strategy to increase newsletter sign-ups, bookings for services, or clicks right into your ecommerce site.

4. AdWords New Campaign Drafts

AdWords recently began allowing users to “test” their campaigns using new campaign drafts to quickly gain insight into the effectiveness of your campaigns. It’s a setup that Search Engine Land calls “straightforward and intuitive,” and offers an easy way to get strategic about your campaigns.

5. Bing Ads Updates

If you’re managing digital marketing campaigns on multiple sites, you’ll really appreciate the new updates for Bing Ads. Window users can now copy and paste multiple items from one account to another, and select multiple ad groups and campaigns for bulk editing and filtering. Additional updates offer a tweak to their “Locations” tool, which now allows you to adjust your bids based on your intended radius targets.

Staying on top of new digital marketing tools and using them in combination can supercharge your online presence and start generating new leads in no time. Pick one to start, or dive in headfirst and measure your progress! Got a new summer digital marketing tool we missed? Share it in the comments, and check back for more updates soon!