How To View Submissions From Ninja Forms

When it comes to WordPress plugins, few products offer greater potential than Ninja Forms. As a free creation interface designed for users without prior coding knowledge, this plugin lets you design forms for your site in a matter of minutes. This makes it invaluable for collecting payments, creating mailing lists, tracking conversions, and countless other commercial applications.

To take advantage of Ninja Forms, you must first display the information they gather. There are two separate options for displaying and downloading Ninja Forms, which you can use through the following steps:

Option 1:

1. Open the Dashboard and Click On the “Forms” Button

The first step in displaying Ninja Forms submissions is to go to the dashboard and select the “Forms” button. Assuming you have already downloaded the Ninja Forms plugin, all of the information from them should be contained under this section.

display ninja form submissions 1

2. Select “All Forms”

After you select “Forms,” a dropdown menu will appear with a list of 7 options. Click on the first one, which says “All Forms.” A table will show up on the main screen with the columns “Form Title,” “Shortcode,” “Template Function,” and “Date Updated.”

ninja forms submission step 2

3. Hold the Mouse over the Form Title

Move the mouse over the Form Title section for the form you want to display. A list of the following options will appear: “Edit,” “Delete,” “Duplicate,” “Preview Form,” and “View Submissions.” Click on “View Submissions.”

ninja form submission 3

4. View the Submissions Page

Once you click “View Submissions,” you will be taken to a page listing all entries on the form. This page will give you key information on people who signed the form; this often includes their names, email addresses, and the dates they signed. You can use this data to gather conversion information or simply make sure the forms are working properly.

ninja forms step 4

5. Download as Needed

If you want to store any of this information for your records or to display elsewhere, click on “Download All Submissions” at the bottom of the page. This will put them all in a file and send them to your computer.

how to display submissions in ninja forms step 5

Option 2:

1. Click on “Submissions” Under the “Forms” Button

This option begins like the first, by clicking on the “Forms” button. Instead of clicking on “All Forms,” however, you click on the “Submissions” button in the dropdown menu.

ninja forms display submissions 6

2. Use the “Find Submissions” Box to Specify Your Search

When you click on “Submissions,” WordPress will open up a “Find Submissions” box, which you can use to specify which form you are looking for and what parts of it to display. Under the “Select A Form” section, you can say which of your forms you want to view. Then under “Date Range,” you can enter a beginning date and an ending date, limiting the information you display to that time period. If you leave the “Date Range” section empty, WordPress will display all submissions. Then click “View Submissions.”

ninja forms display submissions 7

3. View & Export

WordPress will take you to a list of major details about each individual or organization that signed the form. Hover the mouse over the first entry box. The options “Edit,” “Delete,” and “Export to CSV” will appear. Click on “Edit” to view each user’s information in depth and make any changes you want, and “Export to CSV” to download that user’s information.

ninja forms display submissions 8

We hope this post has helped you learn how to display submissions with Ninja Forms.  Do you have any other questions about Ninja forms? Ask us in the comments below!

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  1. “Display” in this article title is misleading. “View” would be a better choice terminology. Otherwise, you have a crap ton of developers coming here and getting pissed off because you offer no helpful solutions to the core problem with Ninja Forms. Which is the inability to display individual field data of forms submissions on a given page environment. Honestly, If an person cannot figure out how to view their Ninja Form Submissions with the back end of the WordPress Site, they shouldn’t BE in the back end of a Word Press site.


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