Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, most restaurants are operating in a takeout or delivery only capacity. Unfortunately, many restaurants have chosen to use third party online ordering apps like SkipTheDishes, Uber Eats, and Door Dash among others that typically take up to 25% of the revenue from each sale as their only method of accepting online orders. Pre-COVID it was easy to let these third party systems take care of online ordering, as it would be very little extra work for the restaurant who typically did the majority of their business when customers would visit their location, or order over the phone. Today however, with this crisis potentially lasting several months, having a major portion of your business going through these services that take 25% will be a major detriment to your profitability going forward. Adding the ability to take online orders directly on your website will be more profitable, give you far more options for marketing, and cost you less in the long run than continuing to solely rely on third party apps.

The case for offering direct ordering on your website

There are many reasons to consider offering direct ordering on your website now that takeout and delivery are your only options.

Making 25% more revenue off of each order is a pretty strong argument to offering direct ordering.

Marketing Potential
Keeping your online ordering “in house” gives you some distinct advantages with the various digital marketing avenues available to you online. With your own ordering system, you can get detailed analytics about how many people are visiting your website, the demographics of the people making the orders, and have the ability to target new and past customers with Google & Facebook ads. It makes far more sense to spend marketing dollars online to direct people back to your website, as opposed to an app where the customer could end up ordering from your competitor.

Diversity of Revenue Sources
We’ve all heard the advice to not put your eggs in one basket. When you offer online ordering direct on your website, you are not as reliant on the third party delivery apps. Currently they may take 25%, but what if they decide to increase that to 30%, or 35%? It’s best to be in more control of your own finances.

You Can Still Use Third Party Delivery Apps
There are many customers who simply do all of their ordering through apps like SkipTheDishes, so it makes sense to keep your restaurant on them, despite the costs involved. The goal however is for you to use these apps as a form of advertising your business to new customers, and not the sole way you can accept orders online. Once a new customers enjoy’s an order placed through an app, the goal should be to convert them to a returning customer who orders direct on your website.

How Does It Work?

After you send us your menu information on a spreadsheet, we will create a fully transactional site that will live on a subdomain of your main website (for example: https://orders.yourwebsite.com), or on a new domain if you currently do not have a website. Click here for an example of a demo site. You can then link to this site in your website’s navigation, and from your social media accounts.

This website features a clean 1 page layout that contains your entire menu. It will be customized to include your logo, colour scheme, and fonts to blend in your current website and branding. Menu items can be presented either with or without an accompanying image. Customers have the ability to make modifications to the items (for example: “no peanuts please). The website can be configured to work with a variety of credit card payment processors such as Stripe, Moneris, or Paypal.

When a customer places an order, you will get notified by email, and an order will appear in the website’s dashboard. The customer will receive a confirmation in their email that can be customized with further instructions (Example: Your order will be ready in 45 minutes!)

How Long Does It Take To Get Setup?
Once we receive your menu items, logo, and payment processing information we can be up and running in 48 hours.
Is This Just For Takeout? Can I Also Offer Delivery?
Yes, you can offer either takeout or delivery with this system. However, you will be responsible for hiring and organizing the delivery drivers.
I Don't Like The Look Of The Demo Site, Can It Be Customized?
Yes! The general layout will match the demo site, but we will customize your site with your logo, colour scheme, fonts, and general design to match your aesthetic. Once the site is setup, you can make further changes if you like, because you own the site!

I Have More Questions

We are happy to answer any questions that you may have. Please use the form below and we will reply with an answer as soon as possible.

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