Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular contact form plugins today. While we’ve already discussed how to save submissions from Contact Form 7 to a database, we are often asked if Contact Form 7 can send to multiple email addresses. The quick answer is yes, and here’s how to do it!

1. You Already Know Which Email Addresses to send to

If you already know which email’s you would like to receive submissions, than you can enter the primary email in the “To:” field, as well as add CC (carbon copy) or BCC (blind carbon copy) headers in the ‘additional headers’ section.

Send Multiple Emails From Contact Form 7

Add CC & BCC Tags to Additional Headers Section

*A quick reminder that if you use CC, all recipients will see who received the email, use BCC to hide a recipient.

2. Additional Email’s Are Entered Into The Contact Form

If you need to grab any emails that are entered into the form, you can easily add these to the CC or BCC tags by utilizing Contact Form 7’s mail tag system. When initially creating the contact form, be sure to give each of your email fields a unique name and save the form.

Pulling multiple email addresses from the form

Note the name of each field

Now under the mail tab, you will see the available mail tags you can use either in the body of the email, or in the additional headers section. Simply add the needed tags into the additional headers section, and Contact form 7 will send multiple emails to the addresses pulled from the form!

Contact Form 7 Mail Tab

New Mail Tags Available For Use

*If you cannot see the names of fields entered into the Form, you have to save the Form, then they will appear under the Mail tab.

Mail Tags in Additional Headers

Add Mail Tags To Additional Headers

We hope this has helped to show how Contact From 7 can send to multiple email addresses. Have any other questions about WordPress and contact forms? Ask in the comments below!

Contact Form 7 Alternative

Recently there have been many reported issues with Contact Form 7, specifically regarding how it doesn’t properly utilize recaptcha, leading to missed emails and lots of spam! If you are looking for a more professional plugin to use on client sites (that comes with actual support!), check out Ninja Forms, which like Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular WordPress form plugins!