How To Send Contact Form 7 To Multiple Email Addresses

Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular contact form plugins today. While we’ve already discussed how to save submissions from Contact Form 7 to a database, we are often asked if Contact Form 7 can send to multiple email addresses. The quick answer is yes, and here’s how to do it!

1. You Already Know Which Email Addresses to send to

If you already know which email’s you would like to receive submissions, than you can enter the primary email in the “To:” field, as well as add CC (carbon copy) or BCC (blind carbon copy) headers in the ‘additional headers’ section.

Send Multiple Emails From Contact Form 7
Add CC & BCC Tags to Additional Headers Section

*A quick reminder that if you use CC, all recipients will see who received the email, use BCC to hide a recipient.

2. Additional Email’s Are Entered Into The Contact Form

If you need to grab any emails that are entered into the form, you can easily add these to the CC or BCC tags by utilizing Contact Form 7’s mail tag system. When initially creating the contact form, be sure to give each of your email fields a unique name and save the form.

Pulling multiple email addresses from the form
Note the name of each field

Now under the mail tab, you will see the available mail tags you can use either in the body of the email, or in the additional headers section. Simply add the needed tags into the additional headers section, and Contact form 7 will send multiple emails to the addresses pulled from the form!

Contact Form 7 Mail Tab
New Mail Tags Available For Use

*If you cannot see the names of fields entered into the Form, you have to save the Form, then they will appear under the Mail tab.

Mail Tags in Additional Headers
Add Mail Tags To Additional Headers

We hope this has helped to show how Contact From 7 can send to multiple email addresses. Have any other questions about WordPress and contact forms? Ask in the comments below!

Contact Form 7 Alternative

Recently there have been many reported issues with Contact Form 7, specifically regarding how it doesn’t properly utilize recaptcha, leading to missed emails and lots of spam! If you are looking for a more professional plugin to use on client sites (that comes with actual support!), check out Ninja Forms, which like Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular WordPress form plugins!


27 thoughts on “How To Send Contact Form 7 To Multiple Email Addresses”

  1. There’s a much easier way.
    In the line “TO” you just put your e-mails jne by one separeted with comas (without space!).
    Example: “,,…”
    That’s it.

  2. I would like a form that sends emails to different addresses dependant on a selection of a general subject.
    An example would be that the form has 4 general subjects that you can select one of (such as”Product Orders” or “Website issues”) and the notification email would be sent to whomever in the company is assigned to handle the particular inquiry. Is this possible with this form?

  3. I get errors when trying to use emails captured in the form for Cc of Bcc.

    “Invalid mailbox syntax is used in the Cc field. How to correct this?
    Invalid mailbox syntax is used in the Reply-To field. How to correct this?”

      • Hi Can you do bcc for multiple recipients?



        If so would you mind giving the correct syntax ?

  4. Question: I am tweaking a WordPress website that has a form made in Contact Form 7. We have just head from a former employee that she is receiving copies of any emails that are generated by this form. I expected to find her email address as a bcc in the Additional Headers section of the mail tab. It’s not there, in fact that section is blank. Where else might it be?

  5. Hi,
    we have a group, which contains 3 adresses. Normally, when I send a mail to this group (support@[ourdomain])
    it creates a ticket in our support system, and notifies all of us 3.

    But when sent from contact form 7, only an email to our postmaster is sent.
    As if I wrote something else than support.
    booboo@[ourdomain] would also end up at postmaster (who also happens to be one of us, so I didn’t notice at first)

    Anyone?! Help would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

  6. hi we want to send email to selected receiver in a drop down menu , how can we do that with contact form 7????
    you select your receiver from a drop down menu and then write your message and send it….

  7. Hi Randy Carpadus, you can use the contact form’s dropdown tag to achieve that.

    for example.
    [select your-recipient “CEO|”

    and then use that tag “e.g your-recipient’ in the “to:” field of the form, so the selected option will recieve the email.

  8. I want to send email by group, i have created conditional fields so i want to respond with different message.. which is I need 3 mail respond i want to notify admin,first group or second group

  9. The previous plug in I used has now been pulled over security issues. As a result I am looking for a new one.

    The thing is I have a specific need. On my site I have people contacting me on different issues so I need them to be able to choose a topic. Then depending on that topic, will depend who gets emailed.

    Is that possible?


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