Recently, advertisers were given a new feature to take advantage of when using Instagram for business marketing. Previously, remarketing (the process of showing ads to people who have previously interacted with your business), was limited to targeting people who have visited your website or Facebook page. Now, when advertising on Instagram, you can take advantage of direct remarketing, and show advertisements directly to your Instagram followers, or those who have interacted with your Instagram posts. This is great for brands that have a large following on Instagram, but struggle in converting that following into paid customers.

Research has shown that a customer will typically have to interact with a business several times online before making a purchase, and this new feature makes it even easier to stay top of mind with your target customers.

Other opportunities include being able to target your instagram followers on Facebook, in Messenger, or even in Whatsapp with ads, or utilizing the highly successful lead generation ad format to build your email subscriber list.

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