DNS Flag Day Is Upon Us!

What’s DNS Flag Day and why should you care? On February 1st, 2019 the global DNS is updating and if your domain isn’t set up properly, your website could go offline!

Why the upgrade?
DNS, or the Domain Name Service is what lets us type www.checkmatehosting.com into a browser instead of an IP address like 194.384.34…etc. Obviously the internet would not be nearly as user friendly without this important service. As technology improves though, upgrades and changes need to be made. Technically this change isn’t an “upgrade”. DNS is somewhat slow due to the service accommodating some systems that are not using the global standards, so on February first they are going to cease supporting these out of date systems, which should lead to a faster and more secure internet.

How Do I Check If My Site Is Okay?
Luckily the test takes all of 5 seconds. Visit https://dnsflagday.net/, scroll part ways down the page and you will see a section where you can enter your domain, and it will tell you if your current provider is up to the standard, or if you can expect to have some problems on February 1st.

I Received a Red Caution or Yellow Warning Symbol, What Do I Do?
Don’t worry! All hope is not lost. Contact your webmaster and have them look into the problem. If you do not have a webmaster, give us a shout and we can look into the problem.

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